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08 January 2009 @ 03:22 pm
batch one: 88 Naruto icons feat. Tenten
batch two: 54 Paramore icons
batch three: 138 Aya Kamiki icons
batch four: 93 Naruto icons
batch five: 103 Jiro Wang icons
batch six: 134 Hyde icons

notes: So, I managed to accumulate over 700 icons on my desktop, and I'm thinking it's just about time for me to get to posting them, yeah? I'll be posting around 10 or so samples, 20 for the larger batches, and providing a link to each batches' photobucket page to save time. I'm also too lazy to put over 700 icons in freaking tables. Too much trouble. I'm really sorry if it's all difficult to get through, and thanks if you bother to actually take a look at everything, or everything you're interested in anyway. ♥

batch one: tenten (naruto)Collapse )

batch two: paramoreCollapse )

batch three: aya kamikiCollapse )

batch four: narutoCollapse )

batch five: jiro wangCollapse )

batch six: hydeCollapse )
21 November 2008 @ 08:05 pm
music: paramore (70), aya kamiki (56 + 01 banner)
anime/manga: sailor moon (41), naruto (07)
jdrama: hana yori dango (01)
tv: gossip girl (02)
movies: battle royale (04)

notes: Eh, I suck so hard coloring and what not, but w/e. Here are a bunch of icons that have accumulated on my laptop over the past...month or so. And I JUST REALIZED I uploaded them all to the wrong Photobucket folder. Ffff, my life.

The more recent Paramore icons are from the Final RIOT! DVD. There would have been a bunch more, but my laptop kept crashing while I was taking screenshots. /sobs EDIT: Actually, some icons are missing because Photobucket ate them. Ughhhh.


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26 September 2008 @ 02:35 pm